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I have been writing on this site since 2003 at different levels of frequency. Even then, it is a modest site in terms of the sheer number of posts with a little over 625 posts as of August 2018. I emphasize the depth of each article which makes them long, sometimes perhaps too long. But I would rather leave the option of skipping some material to the reader, just as my students used to do in textbooks 😉

All the posts fit at least in one, sometimes more than one, of the categories. One of them, Featured Posts, is for displaying posts on the home page and there is nothing unique about the category since they all go through it. So, you may skip that as I skipped listing it below.

By following the category links on the sidebar you may view all the posts that fall under that group in reverse chronology order. If you use an RSS feed reader, you can find the RSS feed for each category to add to your reader. The structure of these feeds is simple if you are interested:

The site URL/category/category name/feed

For instance, the feed for the dance category would be:


The parts in bold in the above are the constants, they do not change from one category to the next/

If you are not into RSS feeds and feed readers, just ignore this page.

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